• Innovation acceleration program, which relies on an ecosystem of startups to help large corporations shape the future of their industries

    Our core value focuses on the creation of wealth in our regions.

    We firmly believe that tomorrow’s economic drivers and champions of industry are created by the synergy of start-ups and local contributors to innovation.


    Our objective is to provide start-ups with the same opportunities for success, no matter where they are from in France. We also aim to promote and support entrepreneurship beyond our own borders, so that projects anchored in our regions can resonate around the world.

  • Startups showcased on Le Village by CA booth (J09)

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    1 Circle (Le Village by CA Paris)

    Circle is a connected POD dedicated to urban shared mobility. It is 100% electric, small, comfortable, easy to drive, automatically disinfected, mobile centric and integrate a battery swap system.

    Automotive, Micromobility, Smartcity


    2 Qiti (Le Village by CA Sophia Antipolis)

    Qiti is a new gen insurance optimized by artificial intelligence for neo-nomads and expatriates to be protected worldwide. Qiti is the insurance advisor of tomorrow.

    Traveltech, Fintech, Insurtech


    3 Deep Block (Le Village by CA Brie Picardie)

    The first legal DLT in France since 2017, Legaltech Deep Block secures data, produces evidence with probative value and designs its own eIDAS electronic signature solution.



    4 Expopolis (Le Village by CA Provence Côte d'Azur)

    Comprehensive, all-in-one software to create and manage virtual fairs and integrated online conference events. We seek partnerships/investors for global scale up.

    Software Development, Event software, Fair software  


    5 Igonogo (Le Village by CA Grenoble)

    Igonogo is an AI-powered software that combines the simplicity of online surveys with the accuracy of neuromarketing measures to reveal your true customers emotions.

    Software, Online surveys, Consumer research 


    6 Roadoo (Le Village by CA La Rochelle)

    Boost engagement and loyalty with Maslo, your go-to platform for sales gamification. Empower your sales teams to reach their highest potential.

    Incentive, Gamification, Sales


    7 Dawizz (Le Village by CA Morbihan)

    MyDataCatalogue - A data discovery platform that automatically and comprehensively catalogs and classifies the data in the informational asset (algorithms/AI models).

    Cybersecurity ,Data Governance

    8 Etricks (Le Village by CA Lyon)

    Fun Electric mopeds, eco friendly and hand Made in France. Quality product, high-performance, Ecological vehicles. An economic transport solution. Etricks is an answer for urban and green mobility.

    Mobility , Transportation , Industry


    9 Sentric (Le Village by CA Parme)

    The software solution that provides online retailers with validated product information, ensuring seamless e-commerce integration and brand consistency.

    Retail, E-commerce, Consumer Goods


    10 Seve-Up (Le Village by CA Clermont-Ferrand)

    Seve-up is an automated data flow platform specifically dedicated to the construction industry. We provide a harmonized and easy-to-use data pipeline to boost your decision-making process.

    Data, Analytics, Building

    11 Munity (Le Village by CA Toulouse)

    Munity's platform was created for tech teams who want to import and sync data from any third-party applications without having to write a single line of code.

    Data, DevTool, NoCode


    12 Lota.Cloud (Le Village by CA Nord de France)

    Lota.cloud is a French SaaS for FinOps management. Lota.cloud helps companies to manage and optimize Cloud expenses and make your teams work on improving digital sobriety.

    Gouvernance IT, SaaS, Cloud

    13 Adapi (Le Village by CA Châteauroux)

    ADAPI is a startup delivering digital solutions for real estate professionals. Get-icom, its platform, simplifies all the processes of ordering diagnostics and work.

    Real Estate, Web service


    14 Blue Frog Robotics  (Le Village by CA Paris)

    Blue Frog Robotics is a market leader in Social Robotics providing high value “Robots for Good” to the Elderly, Fragile Children, Education System or Hospitality businesses.

    Social Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Care


    15 Lili for Life (Le Village by CA Rouen)

    Lili for Life is a very innovative and disruptive French MedTech start-up. We aim to increase the inclusion of dyslexic people in society and provide technological solutions.

    Health, Education, Technology 


    16 Bimeo (Le Village by CA Renne)

    Bimeo develops and markets a scanning application for the building sector. From a tablet, professionals use Augmented Reality (AR) to create building plans and enrich technical data.

    Energy, Construction


    17 Drilllight (Le Village by CA Grenoble)

    Drilllight is an innovative platform that combines AI, hardware and software to help athletes & medical teams improve their performance. E-Cones, techno tools, are available for all athletes, even at home.

    Sport, Tech & IA, Health

    18 Drongo (Le Village by CA Brie Picardie)

    Drongo is Saas Application for Invoicing, Pro Account, Expenses and Accounting . All in One Platform using Innovative services, incl Open Banking, AI, Electronic signature... 

    Fintech, SaaS, ERP


    19 Kamaé (Le Village by CA Paris)

    Join the cyber dojo ! Kamaé is the gamified cyber risk awareness platform. Protect your data / activities and comply with regulations, by training your employees via phishing tests and micro learnings ! 

    Cybersecurity, Formation, Awareness


    20 Leviia (Le Village by CA Brie Picardie)

    French company that designs sovereign, secure, and cost-effective cloud storage solutions.

    Data storage, System infrastructure , Collaborative working


    21 KwikWink (Le Village by CA Dijon)

    Kwikwink, disrupting access control. From static access control to real-time dynamic access control. We allow our customers to be delivered in their absence, while guaranteeing the security and conformity of the deliveries.

    Retail, Cybersecurity, Maintenance


    22 Freemoov (Le Village by CA Vierzon)

    ProMoov is a highly adjustable device which can carry up to 500kg. ProMoov is compatible with every type of ground and allows safe and effortless transfer of tools and materials.

    Robotics, Construction, Industry


    23 Namkin (Le Village by CA Luxembourg)

    Namkin, innovative martech stratup dedicated to Industrial Marketing & BtoB Customer Experience is editing the 1st marketing intelligence SaaS solution, boosted with AI.

    Industry, Information Technology, Software Development


    24 DataThings (Le Village by CA Luxembourg)

    Empower your business with a dedicated Digital Twin powered by AI, trained on your data, to predict and simulate actions and make better operational decisions in real time.

    Energy, Industry, Banking


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