• Innovation acceleration program, which relies on an ecosystem of startups to help large corporations shape the future of their industries

      Our core value focuses on the creation of wealth in our regions.

      We firmly believe that tomorrow’s economic drivers and champions of industry are created by the synergy of start-ups and local contributors to innovation.


      Our objective is to provide start-ups with the same opportunities for success, no matter where they are from in France. We also aim to promote and support entrepreneurship beyond our own borders, so that projects anchored in our regions can resonate around the world.

    • Startups showcased on Le Village by CA booth (J09)

      Meet them!

      1 Dipongo (Le Village by CA Bordeaux)

      Dipongo offers interactive stories for children to awaken their creativity and make them aware of thematic subjects around social and environmental values.


      2 la Vitre (Le Village by CA Paris)

      la Vitre helps multi-site teams to communicate naturally, whatever the situation. la Vitre connects your spaces thanks to digital windows, always open, without any action required.


      3 Kwikwink (Le Village by CA Dijon)

      Kwikwink digitises and shares access, securely, compliantly across assets in a simple and affordable way.


      4 Docall (Le Village by CA Milano)

      Thunder develops software for occupational health and H&R. The main software, Docall®, is dedicated to doctors, clinics, hospitals and large companies for the management of medical visits.


      5 SEKOIA.IO (Le Village by CA Brest)

      SEKOIA.IO is a European cybersecurity company whose mission is to develop the best protection capabilities against cyber attacks.


      6 AfterData (Le Village by CA Paris)

      AfterData is the 1st french market abuse detection platform. Its solution combines standard scenarios, machine learning and business rules for an exclusive detection rate.


      7 Wudo (Le Village by CA Mulhouse)

      WuDo is a networking solution for professional ecosystems wich gives the possibility of multiplying exchanges, facilitating extra help and setting up collaborative projects.


      8 Media Contactless (Le Village by CA Milano)

      Media Contactless have hardware skills to engineering smart integration of "contactless chip" (NFC tag) in any kind of product.


      9 Reflexe Accident (Le Village by CA Clermont-Ferrand)

      Reflexe Accident, the first independent automobile claims management platform in France, is launching at Vivatech 2022 a breakthrough innovation in the automobile claims market : the very first fully digitalized accident report.


      10 Sunny Shark (Le Village by CA Saint-Denis – Réunion)

      Sunny Shark optimizes the energy expenditure of public swimming pools using digital twins and AI-based algorithms.


      11 Circle (Le Village by CA Paris)

      CIRCLE designs a fully digital solution of urban electric 4 wheel transportation dedicated to B2B mobility players. The project is headed by Eric BOULLIER, former CEO of RENAULT and McLAREN in Formula 1.


      12 Trivia (Le Village by CA Toulouse)

      Trivia offers an autonomous and connected service for the provision of electric scooters and electric bikes, within a defined community.


      13 Domms (Le Village by CA Biarritz)

      Domms develops a solution that allows to accompany the industries and to participate in the improvement of their performances and proposes 3 applications allowing to adapt to each situation for the technician.


      14 SENSIVIC (Le Village by CA Bordeaux)

      SENSIVIC intelligent audio detection systems multiply the efficiency of protection systems for communities, companies and institutions, in open and closed environments, by detecting sound anomalies in real time.


      15 BLUE FROG ROBOTICS (Le Village by CA Paris)

      BLUE FROG ROBOTICS creates “Robots for Good” that embody Emotional AI to drive significant positive impact on major social issues: education, inclusion of vulnerable people and ageing population.


      16 DiagRAMS Technologies (Le Village by CA Lille)

      DiagRAMS Technologies develops predictive maintenance software based on its dual expertise in AI and industrial engineering.


      17 Potions (Le Village by CA Rouen)

      Potions aims at helping eCommerce websites generate by +10% revenue from day one thanks to cookie-less UX personalization features.


      18 webvert (Le Village by CA Rouen)

      Webvert mission is to build a better web. The startup repairs and decarbonize websites.


      19 Reetags (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Reetags offers a solution that allows you to broadcast live shopping directly from your website, an online sales technique that allows Internet users to buy products presented live, from a video.


      20 gyfti (Le Village by CA Paris)

      gyfti is a all-in-one gifting platform, leveraging emotion to strengthen your relationships with your customers, prospects, partners and employees by easily and automatically sending them personalized gifts through their engagement journey.


      21 FeverTokens (Le Village by CA Paris)

      FeverTokens builds a headless infrastructure and no-code platform to enable seamless & fully fledged web3 app development and tokens integration to web platforms, powered with advanced & secure smart contracts.


      22 Examin (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Examin is a SaaS software to facilitate your GDPR and cyber compliance. Its goal is for you to start a sustainable compliance in less than 5 minutes.


      23 FinStart (Le Village by CA Luxembourg)

      FinStart is a marketplace entirely dedicated to consultants in Finance, Risk, Accounting, Compliance. FinStart allows consultants to quickly find assignments with large companies and allow companies to find expert consultants quickly and at the best rates.


      24 Blank (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Blank is the professional account for self-employed people, designed by the Crédit Agricole Group. Blank offers a pro account, a card, insurance and a set of business management services created specifically to meet their needs.


      25 Stooly (Le Village by CA Marne La Vallée)

      Stooly is a French brand specializing in the design of furniture for small spaces, made of 100% ultra-resistant cardboard. It is foldable, design, with an eco-responsible commitment and originating from the Origami technique.


      26 Pixtrakk Objects (Le Village by CA Bordeaux)

      PixTrakk Objects is a live SaaS platform which empowers every intellectual property professional (law firms, intellectual property attorneys and brand owners) with simple to use AI tools to help protect their IP assets.

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