• Innovation acceleration program, which relies on an ecosystem of startups to help large corporations shape the future of their industries

      Our core value focuses on the creation of wealth in our regions.

      We firmly believe that tomorrow’s economic drivers and champions of industry are created by the synergy of start-ups and local contributors to innovation.


      Our objective is to provide start-ups with the same opportunities for success, no matter where they are from in France. We also aim to promote and support entrepreneurship beyond our own borders, so that projects anchored in our regions can resonate around the world.

    • Startups showcased on Le Village by CA booth (J01)

      Meet them!

      1 BlockInvest (Le Village by CA Milano)
      BlockInvest is a blockchain based management platform designed to disrupt the selling process of alternative assets.


      2 DWS – Décor World Services (Le Village by CA Orléans)

      DWS – Décor World Services helps luxury brands and retailers build a strong customer experience through product personalization, both in store and online.


      3 Sauve ton commerce by CibleR (Le Village by CA Bordeaux)

      Sauve ton commerce is a platform that sales solidarity vouchers to spend from now on in open shops or at the reopening of shops for those still forced to remain closed.


      4 Woowe (Le Village by CA Parma)

      Woowe is a society that designs, produces and markets wooden shoes and eco-sustainable products.


      5 Notarify (Le Village by CA Milano)

      Notarify is a blockchain based platform which allows you and your company to empower all data and documents.


      6 Circle (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Circle is a 4 wheels smartphone that will bring an attractive and sustainable mobility solution to car sharing operators.


      7 Weather Measures (Le Village by CA Clermont-Ferrand)

      Weather Measures provides reliable weather data, consistent data and a real added value to weather investors.


      8 Push4m (Le Village by CA Brest)

      Push4m has developed and patented a biomimetic muscle that replicates human muscle expansion, providing remarkable gains in efficiency in modern industrial auxiliary equipment used by workforces in risky, confined or even contaminated environments.


      9 Dolipharm (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Dolipharm allows companies to become a health partner for its employees. Thanks to a digital app, employees can have their medicines, care products or related services delivered to their office, without leaving it.


      10 Effency (Le Village by CA Paris et Luxembourg)

      Effency is a digital coach in collective effectiveness based on cognitive sciences to help you understand and boost your interactions. They offer recommandations and challenges through collaborative workspace tools in a playful way.


      11 Family Self Care (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Family Self Care reinvents self-care with easy, personalized and eco-friendly natural care for the whole family. With SelfCare1, your smart feel good partner, wellness is worth sharing.


      12 Tallyos France (Village by CA Nancy)

      Tallyos is an IoT solution dedicated to mobile workforce management. It is built around connected devices collecting operational data and a web platform used for analysis and administrative process automation.


      13 Mooncard (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Mooncard offers a SaaS solution to manage business expenses. Secured and configurabled, the Mooncard corporate card allows you to pay any business expense (professional expenses, online purchase, subscription, etc.), and fully automate administrative management (pre-filling of data, storage of supporting documents, accounting treatment).


      14 Soan (Le Village by CA Bordeaux)

      Soan is a B2B payment platform created to be paid faster, easier and safer. 91% of the bills are paid within 48h.


      15 AfterData (Le Village by CA Luxembourg et Paris)

      AfterData developed an automatic market abuse detection solution.


      16 Humapro (Keevo) (Le Village by CA Saint-Denis)

      Keevo is a dedicated software for organizational health and welfare. Its goal is to align the vision from the direction with the employee commitment through the company project to the workstations. At the end: finding the best balance between the economical and social stakes.


      17 EmailTree AI (Le Village by CA Luxembourg et Paris)

      EmailTree AI stands for Customer Service Hyperautomation. NLP/NLU, ML and RPA techniques are used to manage and generate responses (request understanding, supervised learning, actions and tasks automation in databases).


      18 Heraw (Le Village by CA Paris)

      Heraw is an easy-to-use collaborative solution to share, manage, review and validate creative content.


      19 Moffi (Le Village by CA Lille)

      Moffi allows companies to manage their flexoffice. Thanks to their digital solution, companies can easily manage and optimize the occupation of their workspaces.


      20 Reyah (Le Village by CA Mulhouse)

      Reyah reduces the time and cost of document processing for businesses. It develops SaaS/Mobile and software solutions to transform and digitalize businesses.


      21 Timeflow (Village by CA Milano)

      TimeFlow is a B2B Marketplace that uses AI for calculating the compatibility between supply and demand in the ICT consulting sector. TimeFlow simplifies the way Subcontractors (SMEs) acquire new customers, and Big Companies (System Integrators/End-Point) manage and recruit qualified suppliers.


      22 Innovative Community (Bloomup) (Le Village by CA Toulouse)

      Campus Workplace by Innovative Community is an experiential digital solution enabling organisations to digitalise and run all their innovation initiatives within the digital space, to guide their employees in their transformation and to scale innovation management thanks to data.


      23 Kermap (Le Village by CA Rennes)

      Kermap facilitates access to Earth observation data thanks to its AI-based services and products. Nimbo, its new geobrowsing platform (web/API), unveils Earth evolutions on a monthly basis through cloud-free, seamless pictures, for personal and professional applications.


      24 Jooxter (Le Village by CA Luxembourg et Paris)

      Jooxter is a digital workplace platform enabling seamless collaboration for employees and leaders with the evolving hybrid work models (flex office), and it is fully integrated with Enterprise collaboration tools (Google Calendar & Office 365).

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